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Live a life seeking new roads and adventure

Push yourself & help others

Take some risks

Cultivate relationships & teamwork


Savour the little blessings of life,

Kevin-Joel loves spending time with his family and friends and enjoying the journey, which should always be filled with adventure. This keeps life from getting stale and boring, because "a groove can quickly turn into a rut."

In his sessions, you can expect listening, tough questions, a ton of metaphors, alternate perspectives, practical advice, mindfulness practices, emotional regulation, and theories to help illuminate self-understanding.


He started out professionally working with kids, but began to realize the value in helping parents and couples, because healthy parents lead to healthy kids. After returning to school in his 40's, KJ got his Masters in Clinical Counselling and now aims to help couples learn how to work together for a common purpose. 

Recently, he has joined the Canadian Armed Forces and the Oakville Fire Department as a Chaplain, because, why not? Well if life is an adventure...

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